Tuesday, 13 December 2011

International Open Classes - Buenos Aires 2011

Last weekend was held the International Open Classes in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Was a great success with many students and masters from all around the world. The meeting started a few days before with special classes for black belts and seminars, finishing sunday afternoon with a huge Martial Arts class followed of the Belt Ceremony with new degrees and Gold Lines....here a few photos from the event....and hopefully next year we have some representatives from the UK !!!!!

Everything ready....and with the UK flag!!!!!

Master from Brazil demonstration.
Sword demonstration.

Shadow movements practice.

Martial art class
Martial Art Class.

Students lining up to receive his belts!.

Students from Brasilia, Brazil, showing the Book of Pa Kua.

Masters with Golden/Platinum Lines.
Getting ready for the Official photo of the event.

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