Pa Kua Archery

For centuries, Chinese wise men looked for a way to add a deep and meaningful sense to their daily practice, and in this way, become more in touch with their inner selves.  Whether through the calligraphy of the martial arts or theatrics of the Tea ceremony, sensitivity and introspection were fundamental in expressing true perfection. 

The art of Archery was no exception. Many factors make up the equation in achieving the perfect shot, the majority of them being mental and not physical.  A little bit of self doubt, a small loss of concentration and success becomes an error.  This delicate balance results in the best tools to use in order to achieve mental superiority.   As a result, many of the great oriental philosophers became dedicated to the study of Archery in the search for higher (superior) consciences, and illumination.  This new interest in Chinese archery brought its popularity to a new level, while at the same time preserving the simplicity and beauty of the form of shooting.

Breathing is a fundamental part of the shooting process.  If one maintains a stable rhythm, keeping the breath in synch with the movements, the execution of the shot is smooth, fluid and natural.  The many positions used in making the draw help to give a better comprehension of the body; in addition, the movements allow the opportunity for greater mental growth.  All of these factors give a strong base to even the most extremely fundamental style of shooting.  The shots in motion show the highest level of understanding, giving the practitioner a sense of objectivity and speed.  After feeling the sensation of the shot, the Archer will be a more tranquil and balanced person.

Only practice of the art will reveal its effects.  Only when you have the bow and the arrow in your hands will you understand the fascination and magic of Chinese Archery.  You will have a new perspective of the world that is meaningful and defined.  The arrow is a part of the journey, but it is the mind that guides and projects your will beyond the shot.  When that part is on the same direction of the arrow, YOU become the arrow.

General content of the course (first level):

- Introduction to the style Pa Kua, references and influences. 
- Types of bow, arrows, uniform and thumb rings to be used.
- Review basic safety issues.
- Basic shoot, practice and improvements.
- 24 basic movements of preparation for practice.
- Second, third and turning shoot.
- Ritual first level.
- Review, questions and doubts.

Master Rodolfo G. Oliva - Fifth degree of the Pakua School, member and representative of the Pa Kua International League in the United Kingdom. Master Rodolfo is the highest trained representative of Pa Kua in the country and the only one authorized to teach Pa Kua nationwide. 

Do you want to try and see how is like?...
Beginners course:
- 2 hours only.
- Weekdays or Weekends.
- Small groups.
- All the equipment necessary.
- £59.99

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