About Us

Created by Master Rogelio Magliacano, the Pa Kua International School of ancient Oriental studies has become an institution in many parts of the world.

Pa Kua is an ancient knowledge which was always taught in a very traditional Chinese form, passed on from generation to generation within the family nucleus. Today, Pa Kua is taught in the Occident through a belt or level system and courses. The knowledge, based on the ancient Pa Kua symbol, ranges from Martial Art, Self Defence and Ancient Weapons, to healing arts such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, Energy Ways and Chien Chi Kua (chinese Reiki).

In Chinese, Pa means "eight" and Kua means "changes". Pa Kua, the art of the Eight Changes, is thus a complete knowledge helping us through the ever changing situations of our daily life.

International League

Founded in 1976, upon Master Magliacanos return from the Orient, the International League of Pa Kua has grown in Argentina, Brazil, United States, Israel, United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Uruguay, Russia and some other countries.

Master Rogelio Magliacano has dedicated his life to the continued growth of the Pa Kua School system. In doing that, he has been awarded the recognition of the United States Presidential Office for the advancement of martial arts education in the United States.

On October 27, 2006, Master Rogelio Magliacano gave the highest achievable degree of black belt to his most advanced disciple, Master Nicolas DarĂ­o Moyano granting him the title of Superior Responsible Master and leaving him as the director of the Pa Kua International League, when the League commemorates the 30th year of its creation, ending a cycle.

Master Nicolas Moyano with Master Rogelio Magliacano
After that Master Magliacano spent the last 8 months of his life in Buenos Aires, completing the teaching to Master Nicolas Dario Moyano and preparing the point for the future of the school, for when Master Magliacano would not be physically present any longer.

Pa Kua School in the United Kingdom

Since february 2008 Master Rodolfo Oliva started the school in the UK and now is growing step by step.

Today we work as a Registered Charity since early 2011. We achieved the status after a long process with the unconditional help of our friends of the Ely & District Volunteer Centre. 

Working in partnership with Sport England and Livingsport trough the Sportunlimited and Sportivate Programme, the Pa Kua School in the UK is showing his roots now and with a brilliant future ahead. 

Master Rodolfo Oliva with Superior Master Rogelio Magliacano at the Pa Kua Centre in Buenos Aires
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