Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sportivate Programme

We will be delivering 6 sessions trough the Sportivate programme this autumn in Ely, Cambridshire.

The classes will be held at the Paradise Centre, every session will be one hour and we will be targeting 16 to 25years old participants. Staring the 2nd of November, 4 to 5pm and the same for the next 5 weeks.

"Pa Kua is a non-contact, non-competitive martial arts that encourage a wide range of young people that wants to practice martial arts but avoid to do so because the fear of injuries or the pressure to compete. 
We believe that the practice of a non-contact/non-competitive kind of martial arts give the students a deeply knowledge of himself as he is the only opponent to defeat. The regular profile of a Pa Kua Student is someone that looks after his limits and tries to improve achieving an increase of self-steam and the ideal goal to transfer this knowledge to his daily duties."

Sportivate Programme

The Sportivate programme is part of the Play strand of Sport England’s mass participation legacy programme ‘Places, People, Play’. Sportivate is a 4 year programme that will be delivered from 1st April 2011 – 31st March 2015.
The overall aim of the programme is to get 300,000 participants aged 14-25 years to complete weekly coaching sessions over the 4 years, with two in five (120,000) to carry on playing sport regularly. 

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