Sunday, 7 March 2010

Pa Kua Speech Open Classes 2007

International League of Pa Kua Articles

Good Morning,
People say life is like a pendulum.
However this just another way of to explaining the universal principle of the Tao: the law of Yin and Yang. They are not opposites, but complementary. One cannot go in one direction without having to turn around and go in the other.

We know that everything around us is forever changing, in fact, the only constant in changes is change itself; all that goes up must come down and vise versa. It is clear to us because Pa-kua teaches us about circles, and about spirals, and about the cyclical movements of the changes. This is how we understand the eternal flow of the mutations.

Today I would like to use the pendulum to tell you a Pakua story.

It is the fourth time that I am here, in this place and at this moment, but each time it is unique. Every year I am invited to give the opening address of these Open Classes, and it is similar to the closure of a circle, to coming once again to the same, yet different, place. That is why I chose the example of the spiral: a 360 degree rotation that does not come back to the same place. It arrives to the same position but in another dimension.

Today, I am closing a circle for the fourth time, speaking once again at the opening of these Classes.

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