Friday, 5 March 2010

Everything start from an idea...

Here we are...from the first time starting a blog of the Pa Kua School in the Uk.

The Pa Kua School was created in 1976 when Master Giordano Magliacano started to teach this magnificent knowledge in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, after he spend a long time with his Master I Chang Ming in Korea. Today the International League of Pa Kua is the main body of our school worldwide and administrate more than 100 schools in 16 different countries.

Pa Kua it's an ancient knowledge taught trough many ways, from short courses to classes in a weekly basis. Anyone can learn here and prepare himself to a open book of knowledge and discoveries. The way of teaching and the knowledge is simple, simple but very strong and deep.

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  1. Congratulations Master Rodolfo, very nice blog....all the best for you!!!


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